Your Best Hair With Angelina Pyle

There’s nothing better than leaving a salon with smooth shiny locks and service that makes you happy. It’s the experience of feeling relaxed and refreshed that makes getting your hair done so wonderful. That’s what you will find when visiting Angelina Pyle at The Hair Depot in Toledo. From the time Angelina greets you, until you walk out the door, it’s everything you would expect from a professional salon and hair stylist. Angelina is a hair stylist with plenty of experience to meet the needs of each client and their hair.

Now, you may not know this but my hair is what I like to call a challenge. It’s coarse, curly and has a mind of its own. With that being said it’s important that I keep it healthy, smooth and manageable. Angelina suggested I try a service she offers called a “Brazilian Blowout.” It’s a smoothing treatment that helps your hair look and feel healthy. In the end you are left with hair that takes less time to do and looks shinier than ever.

Angelina offers a number of services such as coloring, cutting, waxing and more. Her station is surrounded by her charming taste of pink and black. You never have to leave your seat with the washing basin located at her station. Don’t be afraid to let go of your daily to-do list and embrace Angelina’s touch when washing and conditioning your hair. It’s amazing! Angelina’s professionalism and skills don’t end there. Her product knowledge is great too. Angelina uses the Eufora line to keep her clients hair looking its best. This line is designed to protect, preserve and promote health of colored and chemically treated hair. It uses natural ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera gel as a product base. It’s filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to give your hair what it needs to stay healthy and protected. I love that this line doesn’t use synthetic fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or carcinogenic ingredients. Bonus!


Angelina takes hair to a whole new level with her ability to help your locks look their best. With Angelina, it’s always a relaxing experience with professionalism and a welcoming environment that has you returning for more.

Angelina Pyle offers her services at The Hair Depot in Toledo on Monroe Street. You can call her at (567) 322-7722 or visit her website at

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